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Post: July 28, 2014

Highlights from this summer's tour:



Post: June 21, 2014:

Last night's show at The Town Pump was an oddity for sure. First, the crowd got there laaaate, and then drank heavily. That wasn't the odd part. The odd part was almost no clapping, but a zillion people coming up to us after with things like, "Oh, man, you guys are killer!! Really, really, REALLY great songs!" (almost verbatim anecdote from one, oddly sober guy) ... And then at the end of the night, the staff were like, "Here's a big ol' pile of cash. We want you guys back ASAP." So, like I said, slightly odd night. But FUN nonetheless. As always. A Dangerous Idiots show is a fun affair. Bands... If you don't mind fratboys who don't clap bc of peer pressure, but will still love you (provided your songs are good) I re-recommend The Town Pump.


Post: May 3, 2014:

The P&H Cafe in Memphis is a really cool place. We had a great time there. Met some really nice folks, drank a little Shiner on tap, so that's nice. At one point during the set, we said, "Hey, this next song was written by one of your dudes, a super talented guy, Tripp Lamkins of The Grifters," and a voice shouted out, "I was in a Grifters video from 'One Sock Missing.'" Ahhhh... Memphis. They know from good music. Always have. We can't wait to go back.


Post: April 27, 2014:

Bear's Den in Conway was a fuuuun time last night! For fun, we played"Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn, and John, and it sl-AYed the room. It would have been a standing ovation, but everybody was already standing. Such is the live show of The Dangerous Idiots. It's a raucous affair. We shall return, Conway!! We love you guys! :)


Post: April 21, 2014:

Reporting back: Maybe all of you already knew this, but tonight I found out first hand that The Enjoy Life kicks serious, medical-grade ass. This is a cool venue! It's a big beautiful skating cavern full of half-pipes and whatnot with a stage and cool lights, oh and a projection screen. The sound was phenomenal, rivaling the best in Little Rock. Loads of good parking, nobody around to care about all the ruckuss, and the smoking deck, itself, is gigantic with a lovely view of downtown Little Rock. Ahhhh… Good night.


Post: April 14, 2014:

Holy crap! Last weekend ruled. First, The Dangerous Idiots played at The Springwater Supper Club in Nashville with two totally good bands. At the end of the night, a very well-dressed gentleman and his lovely lady friend offered us $100 to play three original acoustic songs for him on the patio. We did. Turns out he is the director for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Super cool dude! (Even if I kept getting his name wrong like a total dipstick.) On Saturday night, we played at The Blue Monkey in Memphis. That was a killer night, as well. They loved us. Booked our return to there on the spot. I believe the quote was "The covers you chose were excellent. But we really liked your original songs!" Good times!


Post April 10, 2014:

Hello from The Dangerous Idiots.

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